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Before you apply for a Club Licence:

(i) Contact an alcohol licencing officer on 06 871500 to check if you can open a business selling alcohol in the area.
(ii) You need to get alcohol licensing building and planning certificates.

1. Where the Club is incorporated, a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation (or equivalent document).

2. Character references must also be provided for the president, secretary and treasurer of the club.

3. A full food and drinks menu.

4. A copy of the Club’s Constitution.

5. Names of other clubs with which club has reciprocal visiting rights for members

6. A photograph of the exterior of the premises or an artist’s impression of the exterior of the proposed premises.

7. A map showing the location of the premises within the Hastings District.

8. A Scale Plan showing –

a) Those parts of the premises that are used for the sale or supply of liquor; and
b) Those parts of the premises (if any) that the applicant intends should be designated as restricted or supervised areas; and
c) Each entrance to the premises that is to be designated as a principal entrance
d) Details of the seating arrangements

9. A copy of a Resource Management Certificate and Building Code (or Interim Building Code) Certificate is required but you do not need to arrange this – Council will do this on your behalf (see note below).

Important note:
It is recommended that before lodging your application that you discuss your proposal with the duty Planning and Building Officer at Hastings District Council to help identify any issues that may prevent Council from issuing these certificates. A fee will be included to cover the preparation of these certificates. Please note that extra fees will apply in some situations (for example if Resource Consent is required) also that the certificates can only be issued if the relevant building and planning requirements for the proposal are met. Once the certificates have been issued the Liquor Licensing Inspector will contact you and advise you that the application can be publicly advertised. Please do not publicly advertise your application until the Liquor Licensing Officer has contacted you.

10. When the applicant is not the owner of the premises a written statement from the owner is to be provided to the effect that the owner has no objection to the grant of a licence.

11. A Host Responsibility document establishing the policy in relation to Food - including a Menu or other indication of the standard of food to be provided, non-alcoholic refreshments, low alcohol beverages, steps to be taken regarding prohibited persons, alternative transport and the promotion of responsible consumption of liquor.
* The Host Responsibility document should be in a form akin to a "mission statement" that is displayed inside the premises where it can be easily seen by staff and customers.

12. This form must be accompanied by the prescribed fee (see note below).

Application fees -
Please contact the Liquor Licensing Officer who will advise you on how much the application fee is.

Annual fees
On, Off and Club licences are subject to an annual licence fee.

For new licences, the annual licence fee for the licence must be paid before the licence is issued. An invoice will be sent for the relevant amount.

How are fees determined?
The fees are determined by the fees category assigned by Council (the criteria are set out in the Sale and Supply of Alcohol (Fees) Regulations 2013). The fee category is based on the type of licensed premises, latest alcohol sales time and the number of enforcements in the last 18 months.

13. Public notice in newspaper
Within 20 working days after being contacted by the Liquor Licensing Inspector, the applicant is required to give public notice of the application as indicated in the Public Notice Notes 1, 2, 3 and 5 enclosed with this application form).

14. On site notification
Within 10 working days after being contacted by the Liquor Licensing Inspector, the applicant is required to display a public notice as is indicated in the Public Notice Notes 4 and 5.

15. After lodgement of the application, the two newspapers containing the Public Notices must be forwarded to the Licensing Inspector at the Hastings District Council.

Select your premises type and trading hours to determine the applicable fee

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