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Before you apply for an alcohol on-licence:

(i) Contact an alcohol licencing officer on 06 871500 to check if you can open a business selling alcohol in the area.
(ii) You need to get alcohol licensing building and planning certificates.
(ii) Get food registration and ensure food is available whenever your business is open and selling alcohol .

Please ensure the following documents accompany the application

(1) Where the applicant is incorporated, a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation.

(2) Character references for the directors of the company.

(3) A Host Responsibility Policy.

(4) A full food and drinks menu.

(5) A photograph of the exterior of the premises or an artist’s impression of the exterior of the proposed premises.

(6) A map showing the location of the premises within the Hastings District.

(7) A Scale Plan showing –

(a) Those parts of the premises that are used for the sale or supply of alcohol; and
(b) Those parts of the premises (if any) that the applicant intends should be designated as restricted or supervised areas; and
(c) Each entrance to the premises that is to be designated as a principal entrance
(d) Details of the seating arrangements.

(8) A copy of a Resource Management Certificate and Building Code (or Interim Building Code) Certificate is required.

(9) When the applicant is not the owner of the premises a written statement from the owner is to be provided to the effect that the owner has no objection to the grant of a licence and a copy of the signed lease document.

(10) A copy of Fire Safety Report (NZBC C1-C6) noting the safe maximum occupancy number for the premises.

(11) The initial annual fee must be paid before the licence is issued.

Select your premises type and trading hours to determine the applicable fee

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