Transfer Station & Recycling Drop Off Booking Form

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*- indicates required field.

(1) You don’t need to make separate bookings for rubbish and recycling. One booking covers a visit to the refuse transfer station, whether recycling, green waste, rubbish or a combination.

(2) Sort your load prior to your visit to make your unloading easier.

(3) Recycling Services at all three transfer stations includes:

(i) Household recycling
- Glass bottles and jars
- Paper and cardboard
- Grade 1 and 2 plastic containers
- Tin and aluminum cans

(ii) Resource Recovery services
- Scrap Metal
- Whiteware (no fridges or freezers at Redclyffe Transfer Station)
- Waste oil (not Blackbridge Transfer Station)
- Gas cylinders

Terms and Conditions

To operate the site safely under COVID 19 restrictions as a public venue, the following requirements will be in place and must be complied with. Failure to comply will prevent access and you will be turned away at the gate:

(1) You will only be allowed onto the transfer station site if you have a booking.

(2) Each booking has a maximum time slot of 30 minutes. It is important you turn up on time as we are unable to provide entry at any other time, even on the same day.

(3) No cash or cheques will be accepted. Contactless payment via paywave or EFTPOS only.

(4) One person per vehicle. You must be able to remove your recycling and waste safely out of your vehicle or trailer on your own. No staff assistance will be available.

(5) All Transfer Stations are open for recycling drop off, general rubbish, and green waste disposal.

(6) The reuse shop remains closed at the Henderson Road Refuse Transfer Station.

(7) The information collected in the booking process is for the purposes of managing site entry and if required to enable contract tracing and will not be used for any other purposes. By entering this facility, I agree to allow this information to be used for the purposes of COVID19 related contact tracing should this be needed.


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